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Micromaster is a premier manufacturer of high quality dehydrated culture media for industrial, pharmaceutical, biotech, food safety and life science applications. Our products are well established due to the high quality. Our team of true professionals has decades of experience in developing and manufacturing dehydrated culture media and other microbiology products. They are all meticulously organized, tirelessly struck to tasks and result oriented. Flexibility is key to Micromasters philosophy. The ability to supply small or large users, quickly, without sacrificing quality.

Micromaster offers a complete range of Microbiology products in standard pack sizes. Our Custom Media Capabilities give us the flexibility to provide customer specific formulations of dehydrated media and special packaging options.

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Our corporate mission is to be a major contributor to the field of Life Sciences through the design,production and provision of products and services of the highest quality and value while ensuring our slogan Culturing Your Needs In Microbiology Micromaster's efforts are focused on becoming more efficient, responsive and competitive, in order to achieve our main aim to provide World Class Customer Satisfaction.

Our Products

Laboratory Equipments, Anaerobic Jar, Dehydrated Culture Media, Laboratory Aids, Laboratory Glassware, Laboratory Reagents, Laboratory Shakers, Laboratory Shaking Machines, Laboratory Testing Equipments, Laboratory Testing Instruments, Laboratory Vacuum Equipments, Loop Sterilizers, Media Ingredients, Media Suppliment, Microbiological Products, Swabs.

Dehydrated Cultured Media

Media Supplements, Cultured Media, Chemicals, AATCC Bacteriostasis Agar etc...

Ready to use Cultured Media

Environmental Monitoring Products, Ready Prepared Lowenstein Jensen Media, Blood Cultured Systems..

Plastic Ware

Swabs & Transport Swabs, Petri plates (Disposable), Sterile Specimen Collectors, AutoClavable Bags etc...

Laboratory Aids

Automatic Loop Steriliser, Inoculation Loop, Automatic Loop Steriliser, Flame Loop Steriliser etc...

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Quality Policy

Micromaster continuously improves and increases its production to meet customer's requirements...


We are an ISO Certified Company, with many more certifications...


Some types of media contain dyes and other light sensitive ingredients. Excessive exposure to light can produce the formation of toxic peroxides that can inhibit growth. Hence it is recommended to store media away from the light, especially sunlight or UV light.